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about us

We started Japan Vinyl to discover high-quality records. Our goal is to always surprise, delight and deliver your favorite albums to your door.

Japan Vinyl is a music-based initiative and currently operates only as an online store. It was established in Mersin in 2021. Over time, products such as CDs, cassettes and record players were included and are still in operation. We basically sell anything within the scope of music that says "Made in Japan".

Hello, welcome to our record store. We offer you high quality and carefully selected records. We have a large collection for music lovers and cater to all types of musical tastes. You can find rare records, classics, new releases and more in our store. We add new stock every week, so be sure to visit our store regularly. We are always here for your questions.

We can't wait to share music with you. Thank you and wish you pleasant shopping!

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My Story

Hello I am Mehmet. My deep passion for Japanese vinyl records made me decide to bring music and culture to Turkey. When I started this adventure three years ago, I charted a new path for myself with the experiences I gained as an e-commerce expert, designer and software developer.

It was never easy to bring Japanese vinyl records to Turkey. I faced many obstacles, including struggling with customs procedures, dealing with logistical challenges, and long waits for my products in customs.

Representing Japanese music in Turkey has become not just a job, but also a passion and mission. Today, I am here to introduce Japanese culture and music more closely to Turkish music lovers.

As an entrepreneur, I not only sell my products, but also act as a cultural bridge. In addition to offering quality products to my customers in Turkey, I also give them the opportunity to take a journey into the depths of Japanese culture.

Every day, I work to help more people encounter Japanese music and connect with this rich culture.

I wish you to be with me on this journey and join this cultural adventure.

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